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Covid-19 Preparedness

Staff COVID-19 Memo & Mandatory Practices


In urgent response to Florida State Emergency Order 20-52 made necessary by COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, Award Living Solutions, LLC. has taken immediate preventative steps to ensure to the best of our ability the health and safety of our individuals and our staff. We will follow all mandates of all Florida Government with regards to this matter.


Mandatory COVID-19 Information Prevention Materials have Been Given to Our Individuals and Staff to Study and Utilize

  1. COVID-19 General Prevention

  2. Social Distancing for Infectious Disease

  3. COVID-19 Visitor Screening Interim Guidance (Health Care Providers)

  4. COVID-19 International Travel

  5. Contact Tracing Can Contain Infection Disease


We have all agreed to hold each other accountable by encouraging our coworkers and clients to practice health and safety with every measure.


Award Living Solutions will continue to educate and update our individuals and staff as mandated and continue to collaborate with other agencies and resources in fighting this pandemic emergency.

* Florida Department of Health:

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

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